Maik Iser - 'Godfather Dead'

from Year of the Fan by Dad Rocks!

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Listen, godfather dead didn´t work today,
there are different things to say,
cause he got a change of heart,
he got a change of heart

Dear Sir or Madam,
I have to admit that I don´t wanna work in this buissnes no more.
This cancellation has several reasons,
but mainly I do hate this anxious feelings
people will get if they see me ariving
I don´t wanna be anybody´s fool

Scientists anoying him all the time
they search till they find
(versetzt einsingen) the fucking fountain of youth or the holy grail
So I this is his cancellation
he changed his black robe into sweat pants and lazing at home

My days as godfather are getting much harder
since antibiotics and reanimations are well known in human nature
I´m sick of dead bodies and cries of dismay
supplications and beggings, I need to escape
and delay the judgement days

I wanna, I wanna travel around the world,
and do backing trips or spending a night in the open air.
I wanna, I wanna do something else,
like volunteer work or collecting donations for veterans
I wanna, I wanna find a new job, like working with kids with social disorders in a nursery school.

Tan my pale skin, style advice and some mental coaching for a restart
start a diet and start a work out at gym

to increase the attention of girls, find a friend, getting married, and be someone else
than a person who spread out just fear and panic.
So thank you for your understanding at all, if you find a successor give me a call, I´ll return for a adaption training


from Year of the Fan, released April 1, 2014