Mount Remix

by Dad Rocks! + fans

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This is the remix-edition of my album 'Mount Modern'. One day I had the spontaneous idea to get Dad Rocks! fans to remix all the tracks of the album + b-side. And that's exactly what happened. I have not made any qualitative judgements at all concerning these remixes. The overall idea was to get fans to participate in the process of creative practise, and I am personally really happy with how it came out. The different remixers all have very different styles. Some are remixing for the first time, and some have remixed a lot before. Please have a listen, and download the remix album for free!


released November 8, 2011

Mastered by Kasper Brinck


Mujahid Johar
Sam Atkinson
Daniel James Harvey
Anda Hendriksen
Adam Wainwright
Keenan Gaynor
Loch Awe
Thomas Mews
Alan Welsh
Basement Session
Eliot Humhpreys



Track Name: Funemployment - Future Wife Remix
I know it’s time to start our unemployment
Let’s do a rhyme, and make it our funemployment

You could start with a water-balloon fight between the kids and you
Or a record label whatever fits you
Start a band and sing

Or you could apply at Burger King

You can choose between basking in the glow from the screen TV
Or sign up for blogging about birds and trees
Start a charity

Or you could apply at Burger King

If the dirt on your notepad doesn’t end up in the stores by spring
Write the words down in a song about sex and sing
Start a family

Or you could apply at Burger King
Track Name: Downaging - Daniel James Harvey Remix
I found a broken-winged cormorant
that looked exactly like me after tour
I know that I am changing
And I’m not downaging anymore

Between these mountains
at the lakes I found a cure
The next drive north everything seemed so unsure

But my band still rocks!

And I became a boy when I received
my first Happy Meal toy
And I noticed a pair of breasts
and I did what I could
I did my very own best
To get this girl undressed
but I sadly failed the test

You let me know
that you’re made of snow
and that you will melt
if you are held

You'd melt into the lake
and each day I’d have a taste
Track Name: Major Labels - Shores Of Loch Awe Remix
Uploads on Youtube by kids in school
They are more creative, they have the tools
They are not afraid, they don’t give a fuck about
Major label rules
and the monetary drool
that floats out of these major fools
Track Name: Farmscrapers - Anda Hendriksen Remix
What we built was a vertical farm
Designed by architects with good intentions
'Cause we multiply on diminishing land
Regarding science they will give us a hand

We’ll build vertical farms
With our vertical arms
We’ll build vertical farms
With our 5-foot arms
Track Name: Take Care - Mujahid Johar Remix
A slap in the face with all this human waste
That’s unavoidable in times of progress
Security fears of all the ships at piers
Filled with people in need for a rest

And they watch the military fly-overs
And talk about traveling light
There’s a global spread of wasted lives
Which we’ll later take care of with knives
Track Name: Pro-Disney - Bloodsport Remix
Soundtracks with strings and endless reverb-rings
rest on the ears of the youngest siblings
One coloured girl that seems like the real thing
Is drawn by someone ultimately right-winged

The nagging for movies and targeted ads
Result in a dollar-value without brake-pads
Do girls get their minds fucked by cultural brats
Does it affect their moms patterns, does it affect their dads

Their words are swords to the throats of massive relentless herds
Written by grown nerds with the exact right key-words
If everything works and the message is clearly heard
Younger girls will help raise stock-prices at least by two-thirds
Track Name: Pants - Cannon Bear remix
Boys with their pants and their holes
They don’t know they’re getting old
They just think and they say
That old people are in the way

And then you’re covered in shit
And you don’t think that you are fit
To be raising a kid
That gets to suck on all the tits